by Angel & The Mambokats

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Angel & The Mambokats will relieve your world of its mundane 9 to 5 existence by making you a slave to it’s Mambokat rhythm. Mambo – Boogaloo-Soul at it’s finest! Revel in Angel & The Mambokats Mambo Madness with his new single release 'Freak Somebody" from the album titled MAMBOPUSSYKAT. This Single release comes with three options from which to select. Choose your mix!

An amalgamation of dance music styles pioneered over half a century ago artfully performed by Angel & The Mambokats. This album consists of an acoustic afro-cuban rhythm section blended with a delicious mambokat horn section and the vocal stylings of the leader and founder of The Mambokats Angel Ferreira. This album to be incrementally released.


released May 5, 2013

Recorded at Big Surprise Music Studio in Encino CA
Engineered & Tracked by Carmen Grillo
Mixed by Marcos Godoy at Rhumbavision Studios
Written/Produced/Lead Vocals:Angel Ferreira
Sandy Stein:Piano
Lorenzo Vasquez:Bass
Jeff Goodkind:Hammond B3 Organ
Joey De Leon:Congas/Timbales/Bongo
Luis Eric Gonzales:Trumpet
Kerry Loeschen:Trombone
Donald Hayes:Saxaphone
Background vocals:Luis Gonzales, Jacques Pradell, Lorenzo Vasquez, Jeff Goodkind


all rights reserved



Angel & The Mambokats Los Angeles, California

Angel and the Mambokat's music has been heard around the world via FOX TV’s hit show “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Dancing With The Stars” and China’s state run media juggernaut OTV. At one time Madonna danced with him and Prince wanted to sign him, but was already signed to Virgin Records. Currently Angel Ferreira is embarking on a journey to bring Mambokat music & style worldwide. ... more

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Track Name: What Happened To You?
What Happened To You?
Music & lyrics by Angel Ferreira

Girl I like the way ya walk up in this room ...hmm
ya fancy heels and hips a shakin Boom Boom!
any man that takes a look you has sealed their Doom
Beware the men are lurking - eeewww! .....Here they loom
She's got me shaken in my shoes - don't be afraid now
But the way she stares at me - Makes my heart go OW!
loosing my composure is what fate will allow
will she make -- a meal outta me? ....Like a bowl of cat chow I can see your hungry and you want your fill again
Your not the same woman that I saw back then I'm glad you let me go with a stroke of your pen
remember what happened to me ......way back when
it's a new day - I'm happy and I'm ready to play
opportunities are waiting now take me away
Im no longer on the menu of your friskies Buffet
Can't believe whats happened to you I'll prey.
Track Name: Freak Somebody
Freak Somebody Written by Angel Ferreira

Sex is all I think about …SEX SEX
I wanna talk to you ..SEX SEX
You know what Im Talkin about too …Sex Sex
From one cat daddy to a lover ...Sex Sex
Everybody freak somebody get somebody do somebody
Everybody freak somebody get somebody do somebody
Position No 54 …mm-hmm on the bed or on the floor …mmm hmmm
shake that ass and make it swang
…so gimme dat ..gimme dat ..gimme dat ..gimme dat
…so gimme dat ..gimme dat ..gimme dat ..Bootay!
Everybody freak somebody get somebody do somebody
Everybody freak somebody get somebody do somebody
with a ring on her pinky - she can walk kinda slinky
when I ask her to dance - she just sends me a winky
come on mambopussykat and give me a chance
I wanna tap this! - I wanna slap that!
my sexy mambopussy can you do me like that
I want my mambopussykat to scratch me on my back
I see you like this rhythmn and you think it's kinda phat
Let me be your mambokat and you can be my pussycat
Here I see a silly rat - try my mambopussykat
if you touch my kittykat - I think you better watch ya back
now my mambopussykat is Bangin with her mambokat
Let me be your mambokat so you can be my pussycat
I wanna pull ya close-I wanna pull ya in-
Why don't you come in my bed and I'll make ya spin-
I just can't wait till I take ya home-
So I can let you play me like a sex-o-phone
Everybody freak somebody get somebody do somebody
Everybody freak somebody get somebody do somebody

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